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Her initial persona is Penthesilea and her ultimate persona is Artemisia, in which she specializes in ice attacks and healing magic. Mitsuru has been the unofficial leader of SEES and has fought the shadows since its beginnings.At the start of the game, she only acts as a support member, able to analyze enemy information from afar, as well as monitoring the party's progress in Tartarus and in battle.Mitsuru and the others forget their memories of the recent events, but regain them during their graduation because of their promise to meet at the school rooftops during that day.The others reach the rooftop only to find the main character dead in Aigis's lap.Mitsuru believed that it was her sole responsibility to redeem her family name and that guilt drives her to keep fighting and, maybe someday, make the Shadows disappear forever.SEES was also sponsored by Shuji Ikutsuki, the chairman of the board.She later joins the party in battle, with Fuuka Yamagishi replacing her as the permanent support for the rest of the game.Mitsuru is the president of student council in Gekkoukan High School, as well as the school's senior valedictorian.

Mitsuru becomes discouraged because of the fact that she had been used and betrayed, and her father pays the price. But with some personal time with Yukari, she realizes she must keep on fighting for the sake of her father and family name.

Finding many doors, the SEES members check out every single one.

There is a door that leads to Mitsuru's past; it is revealed that Mitsuru was one of the first to be experimented on concerning the shadow experiment ten years prior to the events of Persona 3.

Only this time, they want to find out how and why the main character died after the final battle with Nyx.

They decide to open the door to the past and figure out the reasons of his death, and possibly prevent him from dying.

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