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The annual 10 m³ solar storage was later removed to make space for a new wing, but the house was still used as an “almost Passive House” as before.Robert Borsch Laaks contributed significantly to the details.← Fridtjof Nansen's polar ship, the “Fram”, was a Passive House (1893) The first fully functioning Passive House was actually a polar ship and not a house: the Fram of Fridtjof Nansen (1893). The sides of the ship were lined with tarred felt, then came a space with cork padding, next a deal panelling, then a thick layer of felt, next air-tight linoleum, and last of all an inner panelling. At the Technical University of Denmark, simulations were systematically carried out, designs were optismised and the first zero-energy house was built.

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Read more: Philips Experimental House Research 1974ff: Passive versus Active Measures in Europe & America.

Skipper had recently signed a deal extending his leadership to 2021.

“Today I’ve resigned from my obligations as President of ESPN,” Skipper claimed in the statement released on Monday.

Men and women are dumping it in File figures.” As NPR’s Domenico Montanaro noted, you will find proof that ESPN is shedding subscribers not mainly because of politics but for other reasons.

Here are some comments which, although naturally incomplete, try to explain the facts. In this climate, cooling rather than heating, is required.

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