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It further says that such places cannot even require a person with a disability to pay any extra charges for using such an animal assistant.

The Ohio Administrative Code § 4112-5-02, which defines an animal assistant, in fact, does not restrict protections only to dogs as animal assistants.

Other animal species, whether domestic or wild, untrained or trained, are not considered as a service animal under the ADA Title III – like your gold fish or your pet hamster!

The only exception is a miniature horse, which is allowed as a service animal in specific situations.

Ohio law further says that such an individual is not required to pay any additional charges for the animal assistant, but will be liable in case any damages occur to the premises because of the animal assistant.

Ohio law permits an individual with a disability to use a service animal at their place of work.

Therefore, a stringent Ohio law requirement to keep the assistance dog leashed probably gets superseded by the more flexible standards of the ADA.

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Any requirement within the Administrative Code or the Ohio Revised Code that is in conflict with the ADA in all likelihood gets pre-empted by the ADA.

A person with disability who requires the use of a service animal should be aware of their legal rights as well as responsibilities under specific Ohio laws and federal laws.

Based on the situation, the rights and responsibilities of a person with disability with regard to the use of service animals could be covered under the ADA (American with Disabilities Act), the Ohio Revised Code, and the Ohio Administrative Code.

The Ohio Revised Code, which covers ‘assistance dogs’, says that if a hearing impaired, visually impaired, or a mobility impaired individual, is accompanied by an assistant dog, they will be entitled to complete and equal accommodation, facilities, advantages, and privileges of all public accommodation places as well as other places where people are invited or allowed to be.

The assistance dog trainer is entitled to all the same privileges, and they cannot be charged extra for bringing the dog.

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