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John Currie now stands, can be leased for the sum of twenty-five pounds per annum.

The lot situated as above, containing fifty feet on King street and running one hundred feet on Studholm ' street, with the exception of 28 x 80 feet in the rear, whereon the stable of Mr.

205 Me.mherh OK THE Loih;e, alphabetically arranged 281 List OF Memhkrs, April .'{, 1894, 290 List ok Past Mahteiis, Wcjrhhipfi.l Masters, Senior Wardens, J'juior Wardens, Treasurers AND Secretaries 291 I^anlslcy I Doctor l)ivinity ....

The procession then formed again and returned in the same onler to the jjlace ■wliere the grand lodge was opened, wlien it was closed in solemn form. A grand loilge pro tempore was formed by dispensation from the grand lodge of Nova Scotia, Tiiomas Wetmore, Esquire, His Majesty's attorney -general, acting as grand master. John's and I'uion Lodges, and many respectable brethren from the adjacent counties, etc., which, together with the carpenter's society (a respectable body recently instituted in this city), formed a handsome procession, The day was uncommonly line, and the number of people gathered together on the occasion were innumerable.

Ail tlie brethren tliroughoiit the province, who can make it convenient to attend at the ceremony, are hereby particuhirly re(inested to meet at the lodge room, in Mr.

The fraternity of free and accepted masons are liereby informed that, on Saturdiiy next, the foundation stone of the masonic liall, in this city, will be laid inform.

conveniences and comforts of life, and preserve it from ruin Jinil decay to tlie latest posterity." I'pon which three huzzas wore again given and an anthem played. The Courier, in its issue of October oth, iniidc the following comment upon the demonstration : On Saturday last, the corner stone of the spacious and elegant building intended to be erected at the iiead of King street for a masonic hall, was laid with the usual formalities on such occasions, by the society of freemasons in this city. Peters "Kterri U" wn V)' (Iit'ir Tlugust *ii«lli,'Tge TTwentjnrvryoars.

In the prosecution of this work, undertaken as a labor of love and to fill up an occasional hour not devoted to official duty (I did not intend X INTRODUCTION.

That it is the opinion of the conunittee that the most advisable plan for rais- ing the sum reijuired will be to invest it in a joint stock concern, to consist of eighty shares at twenty-five pounds each share. That, provided subscriptions sufficient be obtained to carry these resolutions into effect, any person not paying the amount of his subscrip- tion in one month after either of the said days of payment, the amount he may have paid shall be forfeited.

That the building contemplated to be erected thereon will, in the estimation of the committee, cost about two thousand pounds. That all sub- scribers pay into the hands of persons hereafter to be appointed by the stockholders the sum of five pounds in part payment of each share the first day of May next; the sum often pounds on the first day of Septem- ber; and the remaining sum of ten pounds on the first day of January following.

For prudential reasons I have, in many instances, suppressed my personality.

The reader will no doubt observe the frequent mention of the com- piler's name in the excerpts of St. Having since that year been a regular attendant at the meetings and an active participator in all the concerns of the lodge, and having had a large share of the work cast upon my shoulders, this obtrusion could not be very well avoided.

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