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It allows you to assign different tasks and check how the kids fulfilled them, but its functionality is limited to that.Though this is a useful feature, it can hardly be called a real screen time control instrument from the perspective of parental control solutions.This means that if they see you online, your kids can initiate a call or video chat with you and even if you’re not there they can make a recording or send a message.I really liked the “Memories” folder in the kids profile menu.Kidgy describes itself as parental control software for parents to monitor their children’s digital activity remotely.

Thankfully, technology can help take the edge off of these stings.

Modern communication apps provide us with great ways to make our parenting consistent and full of family talk times.

We wanted to find an app that provides simple, reliable and fun ways for communicating with our kids when we’re away, that doesn’t leave them exposed to the security or privacy risks inherent in so many video and messaging apps. You can install Jus Talk Kids on all your family devices. If parents are already using Jus Talk (the video chat version for adults), they don’t need the Jus Talk Kids app as the two integrate well, with the same facetime quality.

It’s split into multiple random paths which ensures it can’t be monitored or saved by servers.

In general, Jus Talk Kids is a good app, it has safe communication functions: live videos, voice calls, photos, messaging and entertainment like doodling and gaming during conversations. I look forward to seeing how it develops moving forward.

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