Application for dating my sister asian male dating problems

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But hey, if you want to get with my [girls,] you need to be top quality, so try to do better.Please read on (there are twenty questions,) leave comments and suggestions if you like, but understand…this application comes from a place of love.If I ask you where you are going and with whom, you have one chance to tell me the truth. Rule Nine: Do not be hurt when my son chooses spending time with me over spending time with you.

A woman's place is in the: ______________________________________D. Rule Five: Do not date my son for his money because I am his bank.Crabby Cancer after a large group of us found out (through Facebook) that one of our dear friends was engaged to be married.Because we did not know the soon to be Mr., we all had questions.Whatever currency is in my [Friend’s] purse (If you chose (a), it may work, but anytime I smell sand, I have a sudden urge to start reciting…If you chose (b) or (c)…get out) 9.) Please write the make, model and year of your current mode of transportation ________________________________________________________________ (If the answer to this question is Los Angeles MTA 2008…you already know what I am going to say) 10.) Do you have any collections listed on your credit report? Yes No 12.) Are you so close to your mother that her room is down the hallway from yours because you still live with her? Yes No (If you do have children, please make sure that they are well behaved, and even then, your acceptance is on a case by case basis. Yes No (If you are a midget, please note that you are limited to ace clubs only, and even then you may not have a chance) 17.) Have you ever, or will you ever, have a grill on your teeth, but no gas in your car? Yes No (If you respond yes to this question, is the reason you like the program because you are often the star of the show? If yes…ummm…we are no longer accepting applications for this position.Yes No (If you chose yes, please stop filling out this application and set up a payment plan. If you owe someone else, you might end up owing me too, and we cannot have that. Yes No (If you answered yes to this question and you are a grown ass man, get a UHaul in 30 days and get on…and please don’t try to flip it and say that you are taking care of her, because we have all heard that one before. Each [girlfriend] has a personal preference that they must exercise) 14.) Can you read……. Please reapply in sixth months with a drug test, a parole officer and a note from your local church saying that they trust you with the collection plate.) Of course, gentlemen, each application is subject to approval of my [friends], so you may get by on a pass…but probably not…

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