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According to the original design, it should have included at least three other courses — on the internal arrangements and furniture of houses, on food and drink, and on the burial of the dead. This series of lectures compiises several short courses which were delivered from time to time.I have also given the complete text and a new translation of the whole of the poem on the Fair of Carman^ which O'Curry has made so much use of in his second Lecture, and the value of which, as an illustration of Irish customs, cannot be overrated.I had originally intended to prefix to the first volume of the present series of Lectures a short introduction chiefly on the subject of the stone, bronze, andiron ages, that being a subject which came more or less within my own proper domain of science. Pigot, I was obliged to devote more attention to the general subject, the scope of my Introduction enlarged itself. A., PROFESSOR OF IRISH HISTORY AND ARCHAEOLOGY IN THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND; CORRESPONDING MEMBER OF THE SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF SCOTLAND, ETC. D., SECRETARY OF THE ROYAL IRISH ACADEMY, AND PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY TO THB CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND, AND TO THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF SCIENCE. I looked upon myself indeed as only the nominal editor, feeling sure from my friend's love of the subject, and his respect for the labours and memory of O'Curry, that he would spare no labour or trouble in this matter, as indeed he never did whenever a patriotic object or an act of friendship was in question. NORGATE, 14 HENRIETTA STREET, COVENT GARDEN, LONDON, AND 20 SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, EDINBURGH. Pigot, who, besides being thoroughly acquainted with everything connected with the history, literature, and arts of Ireland, was also intimately acquainted with the special subjects of all O'Curry 's Lectures, having aided him in their preparation.In collecting the numerous extracts from the Tain Bo Chuail- gne, which may be called the Iliad of Irish romance, if I may compare small things with great, it struck me that it would be well to give a translation of some part of it, sufficient to convey an adequate idea of the character of genuine Ancient Irish poetry.With this object I made a literal translation from that romance, of a complete episode recording the combats of Fer- diad and Cuc Jiulaind, which, together with the original text, I BOSTON COLLEGE LIBRARY TJT? have printed as one of the Appendixes to Volume III.

This, as the reader will find, has been done in Volume III., and a table is now added at the beginning of Volume II., supplying the references for the passages quoted from Irish manuscripts in that volume. When about two-thirds of the first volume of the Lectures had been printed off, Mr. 9 unexpectedly obliged to go on with the rest of the work un- aided. Pigot and myself, that we determined to print the lectures as we found them, merely omitting repetitions which were necessary for the connection of the subject when delivered as lectures, but which were unnecessary in a book. PREFACE The chair of Archaeology and Irish History which O' Curry held in the Catholic University of Ireland, was established chiefly with a view of promoting historical investigation ; and Dr. D., OF THE ORATOEY, THESE VOLUMES ABE INSCRIBED, IX ACKNOWLEDGMENT OF WHAT HE DID FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF LEARNING AND THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF IRISH ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORY, AS FIRST RECTOR OF THE CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF IRELAND.

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