Arrowhead dating

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Archeologists in Louisiana have discovered that early Native Americans used Alligator gar scales as arrow heads.

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These catch on grass and debris to prevent the arrow from being lost in the vegetation.

The medium arrowheads that have thick points are called dart points.

The best book I've seen on arrowhead identification is OVERSTREET IDENTIFICATION AND PRICE GUIDE TO INDIAN ARROWHEADS, by ROBERT M.

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Die Sicherheit unserer Mitglieder hat bei uns oberste Priorität.The area and the configuration of the pointed arrowhead are sufficient to limit your options to just 12 potential types. They were of high quality and were finished with additional time and effort. Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.Rule of thumb: Small projectile point = arrowhead Large projectile point = atl atl dart point.Brechen Sie das Eis und sprechen Sie über Gemeinsamkeiten, die Sie im Profil entdeckt haben. Overstreet and Arrowheads and Projectile Points written by Lar Hothem.Viele davon erzählen uns ihre persönliche Liebesgeschichte. An arrowhead, on the other hand, was tiny in comparison, and light. NOTE: EARLY DATES ARE GIVEN IN "BP" or before present date, later cultures adhere to the classic dates "BC," before Christ.

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