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It's because you don't know how to handle it, or relate.This is no different than say someone who is religious knocking on your door, or someone with mental illness.But i dont liek the idea of it and i dont like the idea that they need to have parades about it or throw it in my face.But apparently this means im a homophobe If i had a straight and normal parade then the gays would be jumping up and down in a flapand crying and claiming all sorts of things. Why isn't ok to not like Gaydom but its ok to hate those that donnt gay things?But, the thought pops in to my head when I'm around people who are a little bit flamboyant shall we say and it's not something that I tend to be able to avoid.My initial thought is OK so you're this way inclined... I'm not intentionally trying to typecast people, but I guess I've never really been exposed to it much in my life.You'll get over it, I'm pretty sure you don't sound like you're homophobic See to me that does sound kind of homophobic (please remember that homophobic is a general term). If you 'realise, or guess' someone is probably gay when you meet them, thats just working out who the person is as part of meeting, or working together, id say it was pretty normal these days to consider a few questions about the people you work with or meet with.Sure homos have their own way of going about in the bedroom, but I'm sure that they won't include you unless you are gay and willing. Sorry didn't mean to accuse you of being homophobic earlier, I was genuinely trying to get you to look at yourself from an objective point of view. Well the way I see it is that judging someone on their sexual preference (which people can't really control, I mean who goes around saying "I am going to be gay") is wrong, so people have no right to judge others based on that. I hated it and eventually decided to do something about it. If you consistently conclude GLBT people are idiots but have no basis in their work or conversation for that conclusion, you are probably being judgmental. I have worked, and still work with a lot of people who are.

When I was younger I was extremely shy and was frustrated by it. It is simply your upbringing (socialisation) kicking in and throwing up a 'danger' flag.

He even came up to me once and said "Why dont you bend over so I can see that sweet, sweet ass". Not everyone is as 'flamboyant' and 'over the top' as the general stereotype claims, I should know.

After 6 months of this crap I got extremely angry and told him to "wash his tongue". No real issue, it's not like I feel they're going to jump my pants, it just gets to the point where I meet someone new and inevitably a question arises in my head along the lines of "that's different you must be queer" Which is being a little more judgmental about things than what I normally would be. However there are definitely those that feel that it is a stereotype to aspire to; again, something that I know from experience. some people are just happy, outgoing, flamboyant, nice people. Thats how everyone should be, happy nice outgoing people, hell, even flamboyant, who cares?

I'm not looking for the answer "just like everyone else everyone is different" I guess I realised I have certain "issues" I know I won't catch teh gay, but I guess there's something out there that at least initially unnerves me some how, even if I've got a couple of friends who are that way inclined. You haven't actually said, just inferred which indicates you are so afraid of people who may be different to you that you can't deal with it or them. They are just people with their own problems, try just accepting them and hope thay can accept you too. My last boss would constantly make a big fuss over the fact that he was gay.

So how does one best put aside the differences and get on with things? Everything he would say would have a sexual connotation.

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