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I found they share my email to their afiliated sites, i got a lot of crap emails on my spam folder (more than 600 this month) of this sites: - Russian Brides - . Dear Anthony, I am sorry to hear about this situation.

People here at Asian Date are here for different purposes.So just before I ended my Asiandate subscription I met a person with whom it seemed the stars were aligning up for us both. Best place to meet Asian women, at least for someone who lives far away from them, at least at this moment.So I subscibed for one more month and everything between myself and this truly amazing person clicked into place. Planning a trip soon, so I'll try to arrange a meeting with the woman I've been talking to, but I'm satisfied so far Just started using Asian Date and I must say, I am completely blown away by how easy this site is to start talking to these Beautiful Ladies.How do you know the lady you are talking too who say I want to meet you and be with you, Is not saying that to 100 other people?How can you real know when you have done all the background work to be sure your not being scammed?

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