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Please pay special attention to letter “O” versus the number “0” and the lower case letter “l” (L) versus uppercase letter “I” (i) versus number “1”.

These characters often look alike but will return different results.

Through the use of pet identification Micro Chips we enable the quick reunification of missing pets with their owners.

Our microchips are per microchip and include free registration into our local database AND into the national database with Pet Link.

For just .99 per year, you can register any brand microchip to get a suite of pet safety & wellness benefits and access to a network of trained professionals ready to help at a moment's notice.

Your contact information will be accessible to us and will make it possible for your lost animal to be returned home immediately instead of being taken to the shelter.​If you would like to get your pet microchipped, you can visit your vet or go to our Rabies Clinic page​ to see when our next microchip clinic will be. *If you can't make it to our next clinic the Humane Society of Charlotte holds a low cost vaccine clinic called Critter Ca​re Wednesdays which includes microchipping.​Spay Neuter Charlotte also has Wednesday Wellness Services for your pets, including receiving a microchip. Go to their website and create a log-in name and password.

Animal Care & Control purchases their chips from Pet Link.

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