Battlefield bad company 2 online stats not updating

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Each class gains experience and levels up separately.New items are unlocked by earning experience points, which are gained for performing actions conducive to the goals of the player's team, such as eliminating enemy players, healing teammates, or capturing or defending points of interest. Bonuses to the base number of points can be awarded under certain circumstances (such as eliminating an enemy by means of a headshot).The game's Frostbite 1.5 engine allows for destructible environments.

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The game uses the Punk Buster anti-cheat program to protect from cheaters in online multiplayer matches.

Bad Company 2 heavily emphasizes destructible environments.

Large sections of most buildings can be destroyed by explosives, and some walls and fences break down under barrages of bullets, with the game's physics engine realistically simulating the destruction.

While the other members of Bad Company will engage in combat, the game relies upon the player to complete the objectives and kill most of the enemies.

Although the player's computer-controlled allies can never die, they cannot carry out objectives.

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