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Advised by her father and stepmother to get out and see the world, Beeny traveled around the world alone at the age of 17, where she is quoted as saying she felt "lonely and seasick" most of the time. During her off time, Beeny would study the property market.

Analytic philosophy is alive and well precisely because of the range of conceptions of analysis that it involves.This section provides a preliminary description of analysis—or the range of different conceptions of analysis—and a guide to this article as a whole.If asked what ‘analysis’ means, most people today immediately think of breaking something down into its components; and this is how analysis tends to be officially characterized.In the work of Frege and Russell, on the other hand, before the process of decomposition could take place, the statements to be analyzed had first to be translated into their ‘correct’ logical form (see Section 6).This suggests that analysis also involves a dimension.

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