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Several studies have shown that people's sleep quality is significantly improved with exercise, and that over time, insomniacs can also see a reduction in the number of hours spent tossing and turning.

According to scientists from Appalachian State University, those who hit the weights room at 7pm sleep better than those who don't work out at all or those who hit the gym during the day.

To combat that, you need to surround yourself with red, yellow and orange light.

Try to ban all technology from the bedroom and set yourself a clear period of time before bed when you stop using it.

As you sleep, your circulation changes and that can leave many of us waking up in the middle of the night with cold toes.

When we're in the land of nod, our body has a chance to grow and repair and when that's happening, our blood is focused more centrally - meaning that our extremities become colder.

That's according to a study by Penn State University, which suggests those who suffer a night of poor sleep should consider dehydration as a cause, and drink more water.

Scientists suggest that simply being hydrated could solve a night of tossing and turning.

Addiction expert Dr Robert Lefever told us that: “Insomnia is awful, but sleeping pills are also awful.“They are habit-forming and very difficult to come off. “If you want to get off mood-altering medications, do so gradually and under medical supervision over a period of around six weeks.Otherwise, you’ll rebound back to start.” So if you want to be able to sleep naturally, you might want to avoid taking sleeping draughts altogether.We previously reported on the women who became hopelessly hooked on sleeping pills which had a devastating effect on their health and happiness.Binge watching your favourite TV shows can stop you from sleeping because it leaves us feeling anxious.

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