Been dating for 5 years

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we have had 2 discussions on this topic, but it was geared toward the infrequency or decline of sex interest and the conversation was upsetting to him.We have sex about 2-3 times a month and I am fine with that at this point.That being said, the physical act of touching is psychological and not medical.I would say if he has stopped the acts of affection and you can put a time frame on it, (as you did-about a year ago) I would ask him if he is the type of person who is not comfortable with all the 'touchy-feely' aren't.Let him know the relationship is on the line and you need this to be happy.But in general, it is not so much an age issue as it is a personal preference.I love him very much and don't want to mess up a good thing.

Let him know that you enjoy the act of touching and ask him if he does. Try not to be confrontational but rather concerned.Before leaving feedback, please let me know if you need clarification or more info I know the amount of affection fades with time in a relationship.I try to convince myself that it is just personal preference, but what is confusing is that if it was personal preference there would not have been so much of it in the first 6-9 months, so that says to me that he does not dislike it.....I still have as much passion and desire as when we first met. One couple we spend time with sat here last Sunday night and he did not take his hand off her knee except when he was eating.they are in their 40's and have been dating 5 month less than us.

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