Bi dating girls

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There are always exceptions and there may be some things you might relate to.

being less communicative and unwilling to commit) and a woman (i.e. Others found that their experiences didn't fit the stereotypes whatsoever. Let's just say now that these are the experiences of individuals and their opinions, which may not be true of your experiences or anyone else's.

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I found myself getting pissed off at men for the same reasons my girlfriends had gotten angry at me - "You don't tell me what's wrong, you don't keep in touch, I have no idea what you think of me." The type of arguing was surprisingly similar, though.

I didn't really experience the "men are mean but women are cruel" a lot of people seem to. In my experience the men have been more openly romantic. Girls definitely seemed to enjoy getting things more, but it's possible I just haven't gotten guys as many gifts because I get nervous about what's desired or appropriate.

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