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On top of the discrimination already directed toward LGBTQ people, many bisexual people also face alienation from within the LGBTQ community.One study actually found that bisexual people have poorer health, and the authors believe this may be because they have trouble fitting in anywhere.Whether this is down to internalised bi/homophobia or just a complete lack of understanding, who knows. Here, women who've dated bisexual men explain what it's like.1. If people don't want to answer that's fine, of course." 2. He keeps pretty quiet about all of his exes, unless specifically asked, and keeps extremely quiet about any sexual acts he has done.I've had FWBs who were bi, and whether it was a different personality or the different level of the relationship, we talked a lot about sex, sex with different genders, and different aspects of that.Shea, 39, bisexual The only option seemed to be swinging"I came out as bi about eight years ago. We decided to try an open marriage so I could be with only women, one-on-one.We live in a small, conservative town—zero gay bars or clubs, no LGBT center.We can definitely still talk about it outside a sexual context though, and if your ex taught you this awesome thing you'd like to try out with me?Then who cares that it was an ex that taught you, or their gender, I'm probably game." 10. My bf told me on the second date, just in case I thought it might be a 'deal breaker', but it wasn't. He is welcome to tell me about former lovers, or to not.

"So, it's definitely not something my previous partners had to hide or that I was bothered by, but just like their past female partners, I don't want to hear about it in the's safe to use homophobic slurs around me and my family), so I want to be more vocal about being bi because I don't like being behind enemy lines, so to speak.People where I live (the Bible Belt) use homophobic slurs on a daily basis without knowing there is a bi woman standing amongst them." —J.After joining numerous online sites, the only option seemed to be swinging with couples, because all the bi women are married to men.I tried to befriend a handful of lesbians and got swiftly rejected because I cohabit with a man." —Bridget, 45, bisexual Have you faced discrimination because of your sexual orientation?

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