Bret michaels and taya dating

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Here's the bus from a year ago, and here's the girl standing on the bus." (Laughs).

Bret Michaels: So we eliminated five girls, so now it became twenty-five.

Then I picked up the guitar realizing that was going to get me much more attention from the girls, if I was standing in the front of the stage with a guitar. My first band had like fourteen guitar players, one bass player, a fiddle player, a drummer and a keyboardist. They knew I could throw a good party, which is what they were looking for. " I didn't want a bunch of forced arguments, where every night we sit at the Jacuzzi and… they're all madly in love with me. Let's go into this house and throw a party and see what happens." They originally only bought six episodes because I was a little bit of a loose canon.

And then the realization hit me that the singer seems to get the most attention (laughs). Bret Michaels: So I said, you know what, I'm gonna buy a p.a. You couldn't be in a garage band if you didn't own an instrument. It's a natural process of elimination, a lot like life. How can they be madly in love with me if they don't know me yet? They may have had a few adult beverages, and I think what made the first night great is I went into that show and they had no clue what to expect from me. I got off the bike and I said, "Girls, here's what I want to tell you. They couldn't quite get a grip on what I would and wouldn't do.

How un-cool of an instrument is that when you're a kid?! " and they're like, "No one in this band needs a harm player." (Laughs) My dad loves harmonica because every old country song had a harmonica player. When you talk about a garage band, here is how garage bands are formed… it's whoever owns whatever instrument… So it's not who's most talented on what instrument? If you own something, you come to the garage and jam. The first time they had asked me to do this show I was still in a relationship that was coming to an end, and I said, "At this time it's not right for me to do it. If I'm single in the future and you're still looking for somebody, it would be great." I have truly partied with all of the VH1 executives. I said, "Can I take the girls on activities that I would do?The newly single rock star and father of two was game, on the condition that he could do the show on his own terms.Extreme sports, rock music and plenty of debauchery are incorporated into Rock of Love.Next thing you know, a couple of them immediately turn you off once they open their mouth. I'm looking for that in a woman as well; [someone] who can roll with the punches. Actually Pamela was the furthest thing from my mind. You set her on this path towards rock musicians… Bret Michaels: I set her on this path towards rock destruction (Laughs)! We used to laugh and she'd go, "Gosh, I used to go out with models and actors, and then I met you and it's been a path of destruction ever since." (Laughs) I don't think she's recovered yet. But once she got a little taste of that rock, she just couldn't go back. You're looking for someone with a deep creative spirit and oftentimes that gets misunderstood as being bad. A good hearted bad boy, meaning a guy who has this deep spirit, he lives outside the box and it's a turn on because they're likeable and great to that woman. And this is my thing about being a "loveable bad boy" is that people know what I am and what I do.Bret Michaels: Well that's the image that every rocker gets. She's hot, blonde, big breasts." Kid and Tommy and myself… but I was first (laughs)! She got that bad boy thing and then she just couldn't go back. What they want is this likeable good hearted bad boy, meaning rocker bad boy. That guy's got a good spirit, he's creative and driven. Bret Michaels: Yeah, but we like the word "bad boy." (Laughs) Yeah, we'll stick with bad boy. How many people get kicked to the curb on their own show (laughs)?! It's not like all of a sudden they woke up one day and I was working at a job and then I get a hit single and then I'm on the road.

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