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He explains he resisted but, “in the end, trying to keep other people happy,” he says he reluctantly agreed. “I went against my gut and compromised myself,” he says. Brian admits he fell for her good looks while Glenda was delighted to be romancing one of Ireland’s rocketing sport’s stars.Glenda was a judge on the panel and appeared in the audience of The Late Late Show where she was interviewed by Pat Kenny on Brian’s inclusion on the list. At the time, O’Driscoll was sporting bleached blond hair and began popping up occasionally on the Dublin nightclub scene.O’Driscoll dumped her at the end of a night’s drinking after losing an important game against Munster 30-6.He deals with it in one succinct line: “By the time the night is over I’ve broken up with Glenda.” He said in an interview after the break up: “Everyone who has been in a relationship knows that there are highs and lows and to have them in the public domain as well is a tough pill to swallow.” He went on: “I’m public property when I’m on the pitch but I’d like to think I’m not public property off it.” This weekend a photographer, who followed Brian closely both during his time with Glenda and his subsequent relationship with Amy spoke of the dramatic turn -around once he learned the life lesson that you can’t put the celebrity genie back in the bottle.Afterwards he spoke to his friend Den who had watched the show “horrified”. But soon the publicity around their relationship was unrelenting.No story about their relationship seemed too frivolous to prevent publication but in 2006 Brian, began to hate the pop of photographers’ flash guns.

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And it was clear she had no interest in her former flame.

Maybe he now feels embarrassed by it and feels he has to explain himself and say: “Hey guys this wasn’t really me.” Yet in erasing the Glenda years from his memory banks he has done them both a disservice.

Those who watched the show all those years ago know that, at one stage at least,they were very much in love.

The passages in which Brian addresses the relationship are three in total. In the first, Brian describes a seafront scene in Bray in which a photographer, spotting the pair, attempts to nab the first exclusive picture and publicise the budding romance. “There’s a crowd of unfamiliar people on his side and it feels churlish to refuse.” He describes how Glenda, on the other hand, goes in for a kiss for the photo.

What O’Driscoll documents is his perception that he played the passive, nay, reluctant, part in a showbiz-style relationship.

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