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There are few ways to handle dating your brother’s ex because of how it might go wrong in multiple ways.

It will often go worse if you date your brother’s ex right after she dumps him than if it were him dumping her.

This means you shouldn’t drink with him just in case he tries to coerce some answers out of you. This can take a happy relationship and turn it into a very sour one very quickly. Treat it like any other relationship For this to be a relationship, then you need to avoid thinking about it like it’s a nasty thing you’re doing.

You’re a man and she is a woman, so if you two want to get together your brother shouldn’t have a say in it until marriage day.

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If your brother-in-law's ex-wife is your sister, you cannot marry his ex-wife. You are an ex of his brother and are free to date who you wish to date. Be sure that it's love for each other and not you being on the rebound and your exes brother is only after a one night stand.You want to keep the relationship talk to in person or over phonecalls rather than using the easy way and text. Walk away There comes a point where all you have to do is walk away and apologize.Sure, your brother may be upset with you for a while, but it no longer feels like you downright betrayed him, just that you were curious.

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