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With a territory of 110,994 square kilometres (42,855 sq mi), Bulgaria is Europe's 16th-largest country.One of the earliest societies in the lands of modern-day Bulgaria was the Neolithic Karanovo culture, which dates back to 6,500 BC.The population of seven million lives mainly in Sofia and the capital cities of the 27 provinces. Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, NATO, and the Council of Europe; it is a founding state of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) and has taken a seat on the UN Security Council three times.Its market economy is part of the European Single Market and mostly relies on services, followed by industry—especially machine building and mining—and agriculture.

You mean like "feed her biscuits" or "learn to play gadulka"?

In 1946 Bulgaria became a one-party socialist state and part of the Soviet-led Eastern Bloc.

The ruling Communist Party gave up its monopoly on power after the revolutions of 1989 and allowed multi-party elections.

Widespread corruption is a major socioeconomic issue; it ranked as the most corrupt country in the European Union for 2018.

The name Bulgaria is derived from the Bulgars, a tribe of Turkic origin that founded the country.

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