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If you are having a transgender experience right now, that doesn’t mean it’s permanent.God has given us the gift of science and the wisdom of doctors to help us heal where we need healing. There are other steps you can take to help your mind not be at war with your body. That means our souls don’t reside in a round glowing ball in the middle of our chest.I have a hard time telling you that every Catholic Church will be super welcoming, especially if you stand out from the norm because the Church is made up of other broken, sinful people. I’ve been judged at church for wearing shorts, or receiving communion on the tongue or receiving communion on the hand, or any number of things that others decided to judge me for. We are a Church made up of people who keep coming back to God for healing and guidance.So if you need help on the road to heaven, if you need encouragement to live a Christian life, if you’re looking for some truth instead of the same old, “do whatever you want” mentality, this is the place for you.

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Given those norms it can be even more difficult to feel like you don’t associate with others of your sex. The Catholic Church celebrates the core of masculinity and femininity in their uniqueness apart from societal and cultural norms. Our differences as male and female are beautiful in the way we can compliment each other, but how drastic those differences will be are naturally going to vary from person to person.

And the Church affirms the reality that biologically men and women each have something different and unique to offer in the ways they reveal God’s image and likeness in their complementary ways of giving and receiving.

There’s been a misunderstanding recently that sex is the highest form of love and fulfillment and if you can’t have sex, you’re doomed to being unhappy and unfulfilled. The greatest good in life and the highest form of love is self-giving love. He loved us so much that He left His throne in heaven to suffer and die for us. When we give up our own wants and desires for the good of another person, that’s self-giving love and with it comes our own fulfillment and joy.

So it’s from that place that I’m here to tell you first and foremost that the Catholic Church, as a whole, loves you. And if you’re a teenager who experiences that your body doesn’t feel like your own, and that you weren’t meant to be the sex indicated by your body, I totally understand how it can feel like the Catholic Church isn’t the place for you. This is why: We understand life may feel overwhelming for you.

I’m so sorry if that isn’t what you’ve experienced personally. It wasn’t how the Church has ever encouraged them to treat you. Gender Dysphoria (the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex) is a very real condition and many people suffer greatly because of it. When He fashioned you in your mother’s womb with the care of that of an artist making His one and only greatest masterpiece, God took delight in choosing the things that make you uniquely you.

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