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At p.m., Jelani & Jenny ripped the clue, which told them to fly to Phuket, Thailand.Once there, they’d have to make their way to Patong Beach, where they’d find their next clue under the Patong Beach sign.However, he acknowledged having made derogatory comments about gays.Burke said Rooney’s future with CBS News will be discussed at the end of the three-month suspension. 27 edition of The Advocate, Rooney is quoted as saying that “blacks have watered down their genes because the less intelligent ones are the ones that have the most children.”Rooney, 71, who previously had come under fire from homosexual-rights groups for remarks about gays and AIDS in a CBS-TV special in December, also is quoted as saying that, while he felt that gays have been the victims of prejudice, he found the homosexual act “repugnant” and homosexuality “not normal.”In an interview with The Times following his suspension, Rooney denied that remarks he made to The Advocate in a phone interview with one of its reporters expressed racial bias.

AFTER HOURS Olympians Aly & Steve left in third place, followed by fitness trainer Harley and New Kids on the Block member Jonathan.“We have been greatly distressed over this incident.We think CBS has made a good beginning in imposing a three-month suspension.”Hooks added that the NAACP did not wish to “rush to judgment in this matter” and sought a “further and thorough investigation.”In 1988, CBS fired Jimmy (The Greek) Snyder as a sports analyst after he told a Washington television station that blacks were bred to be better athletes than whites.In big-city schools, you have kids dropping out of seventh grade, and then those kids having babies, making for a society of people that don’t go through schools. With regard to his remarks about gays, Rooney said: “I feel very badly if I did anything to make their lives more difficult. AIRPORT TROUBLES FOR TEAM NEW KID In Phuket, Thailand, Mike & Rochelle became the first previously-dating couple to win a leg.

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