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If you become romantically drawn to a friend, don’t share it with them or your friends right away. They’ll eat it up and consume all of their time with “Who likes who?

This usually leads to gossip about how “She likes him. ” In one of my daughter’s friend’s experience, conversations about teen romance are circular, leading nowhere except down a hill of fantasy and illusion.

Parents are always teaching their children especially through their actions.

Romantic relationships can only be satisfied for so long, whereas friendships can be maintained for a lifetime or at least until you are both ready to seek out your lifelong helpmate. Relationship gossip to teenagers is like a kid in a candy store.

Dating with Purpose is a process, one that shouldn’t be rushed lest we give away something that we should be saving for our spouse and to be honest, we just don’t know who God has prepared for us until we go through the process of finding a friends whom we are attracted to and is attracted to us, entering into a discernment of marriage and ultimately exchanging vows before God and our friends and family.

The relationship with our spouse is designed to be one of a kind, second only to our relationship with God, that is how special it is.

Speaking clearly and honestly in a relationship can often spare many heartaches.

I have found that preparing a relationship for a friendship and leaving the romance out completely or at least to a minimum during this beginning friendship stage is very important.

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