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Most Ethiopians show self pride and do not accept easily being seen as less worthy.Most of the time a topic for discussion will depend on the age and gender of the person and the popular topic in the city or the country. Ethiopians tend to exhibit traditional values—they are conservative and modest. Ethiopians generally pride themselves as a culture of hospitality (ie., the traditional coffee ceremony).Therefore, it is preferable to avoid discussion about family matter unless advice is solicited (either by you or by the other person).They always speak highly of their family and friends. ’ can be interpreted in a negative way and it is advisable to avoid such a question.As is the case in every society, Ethiopians come from different ethnic, family background, life style, education and work experience and individuals have their unique characteristics.However most Ethiopians are very welcoming, friendly, generous and respectful and expect the same in return.Asking about work, life and family is a very common approach to start a conversation. How is your family, kids, etc., is part of the daily greetings.Ethiopians are not usually comfortable talking about private or personal matters outside of their family circle.

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However, it is possible your comments might be taken as criticism.

It is common to see women kissing women, women kissing men, and men kissing men on the check in public including in the office.

This does not mean they hug and kiss a person whom they have never met before.

They offer the best they can afford and give priority to their guest.

For example, in most cases, Ethiopians will not take a seat before their guests.

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