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It caters for everyone, from young to old, from people looking for a serious relationship or those just interested in a fling.Here are 7 tips for online dating: TIP 1 Just make a profile get it out there. Don’t sit on the fence and wonder what might have been?However, you will be restricted to sending one private message every 10 minutes which is obviously not ideal. on a 2 week Thai holiday) then definitely upgrade to unlock the better features on Thai Friendly.It costs for one month, with packages up to 0 for a years membership.TIP 3 Make sure to upload a few good photos to your profile.Photos are basically the only way that online dating works. As long as you fill in the other sections without appearing like a total dick you’ll be ok.“Dai” (can) goes up in tone and “mai” goes down in tone). Therefore you may also see “Dtar” written as “dar/daa”.

Once you have read through the phrases below, you can move along to the video at the bottom of the page.

Some might have outdated profile pics from 5 years ago, this is the same for any dating website in any country in the World.

TIP 4 Sign up for free to Thai Friendly at first as this will enable you to browse all the ladies’ profiles.

No matter what you are looking for you have to take action to get things moving.

TIP 2 You must get the free instant messaging application LINE to do online dating in Thailand. It’s the messaging application that’s the most popular in Thailand, and is very similar to Whats App.

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