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What is paramount to note is that a stable democracy must adequately address what Ken Jowitt calls the “developmental trinity”: nation-building; capitalism and democracy.The dilemma that is especially relevant to Russia it that these conditions are often contradictory.The prospects for a stable democracy in Russia are limited at best.I will outline some of the concerns that academics have in the consolidation of Russian democracy.But Bangladesh is currently experiencing internal power struggles between the two dominant political parties, which threaten to destabilise the country’s democratic system.So while Bangladesh’s achievements should be recognised — including its fight against poverty and rampant corruption in an effort to achieve the Millennium Development Goals — the challenges still posed to democracy and good governance should not be underestimated.

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In order to dismiss and disrupt the protestors, the Hasina government took drastic measures to isolate Dhaka, restricting travel along key roads and waterways.This is combined with a necessity to answer nationalist and ethnic questions that have plagued Russia for centuries.This paper addresses the problems of creating a stable democracy in Russia.Military and quasi-military governments have ruled the country for 15 of the 41 years since independence.The past few years have seen a concerted effort to sustain liberal democracy in Bangladesh by improving institutional performance and promoting greater transparency.

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