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Some columns are blank; others have carvings of foxes, lions, spiders, scorpions, snakes, and vultures.

Unlike the animal paintings in caves done by earlier Neolithic peoples, these animals are not the kind you hunt.

Schmidt speculates that the site had religious significance, but I fail to see how it follows from all those negatives listed by Batuman that it was used as a religious sanctuary, though both he and Schmidt refer to the monolithic columns as a "temple." By calling it a temple and assuming the columns had a religious purpose, Batuman can say, without sounding like the fantasists who claim aliens built the site, The findings at Göbekli Tepe suggest that we have the story backward—that it was actually the need to build a sacred site that first obliged hunter-gatherers to organize themselves as a workforce, to spend long periods of time in one place, to secure a stable food supply, and eventually to invent agriculture.

Maybe they brought spiders and scorpions with them from another world.We're told that the carvings were done using an "as-of-yet forgotten/undiscovered technology." Some archaeologists are calling the site "a temple" and "a religious site." The structures probably are grounded in some sort of superstition, but since there's no language associated with these unknown people and no record of them before now, it seems very speculative to associate any gods or supernatural beings to the place.Several writers refer to the monolithic columns as "pillars," as if they knew they were meant to support something.The MBTI test measures people on whether they're extroverted or introverted; relies on their senses or intuition; whether they lean towards thinking or feeling; and whether they’re more likely to be judging or perceiving.Psychologist Carl Jung developed these ideas by working with patients.

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