Cramfs updating ok

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Actually this is fantastic news for two reasons:- Although I suspect that there are very few who have any warranty left on a RSMedia anyway!!

) ALSO BE WARNED THAT THIS HASNT BEEN TESTED MUCH YET - there is a risk that if something goes wrong then you may never be able to boot the robot again!!

Hi all, You may have noticed that Wowwee have released the original version of RSMeida firmware and a reflashing script.

It has been uploaded to the Robocommunity download area. Reflashing the original firmware could fix any corruption in system files, default files and maybe personality files.

the robot rebooted Ok and it worked the next time around.

(But I sure was worried for a few minutes....) I have not yet tried to reflash the root file system area.

ALSO BE WARNED THAT SO FAR WOWWEE HAVE ONLY RELEASED ORIGINAL FIRMWARE (IE RSM-without-USBNET). But having said that I am very excited about the possibilities..... The reflashing script is fairly complex and doing some things I dont yet understand.

No WAN found info system:emiting_event:loaded_ppp_async: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_ppp_async: info milestone:8.21:fs00: info system:emiting_event:loaded_fakekey: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_fakekey: info milestone:8.43:fs23: info system:emiting_event:mounted_var Local: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_var Local: info milestone:8.50:fs25: info milestone:8.55:vi00: info milestone:9.00:vi99: info display:started:time=9020: info system:emiting_event:display_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:display_ready: info userstore:run:time=9240,action=start: info userstore:found_shutdown_flag:: Found SHUTDOWN flag file info battery:charged:cap=98,m V=4177,m AH=1267: info system:emiting_event:battery_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:battery_ready: info system:emiting_event:mounted_userstore: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_userstore: info milestone:10.23:fs50: info milestone:10.27:fs90: info milestone:10.31:fs99: info system:emiting_event:loaded_touch: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_touch: info milestone:20.32:sys99: info system:emiting_event:dbus_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:dbus_ready: info dbus:check-update:status=2:dbus_ready sent info hardware:no_wan:: Wi Fi only device.

No WAN found info milestone:21.96:xx00: info X:load:time=22090: info X:xorg.conf: Generating xorg.conf: info X:makexconfig: Celeste Input device detection status: info X:makexconfig: Touch device: OK: info X:makexconfig: Accelerometer device: N/A !! What actions prior to the "too many restarts" that you did might have triggered this state? E: There really might be a reason for the critical condition.

: info X:xorg.conf:generated: info milestone:23.31:xx50: info X:starting:time=23340: info milestone:27.47:xx99: info X:started:time=27540: info system:emiting_event:x_setup_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:x_setup_ready: info locale:read:lang=en_US.utf8,lc_all=en_US.utf8: Retr ieved Language info system:emiting_event:langpicker_ready: debug sytem:event_emitted:langpicker_ready: crit lab126_gui:reboots=2,max=2:shutting down and showing customer service page: info shutdown:begin:level=0,halt=1,special=cust_service : info shutdown:closing password dialog:: info blanket_f:loading blanket module:shutdown: info shutdown_showimage:screen:splashing screen:cust_service info shutdown_showimage:screen:waiting for cust_service screen to come up: boot: W def:hlt:halt=Device,version=232331: info upstart_f:stopping_job:job=lab126: info upstart_f:stopping_job:job=x: info upstart_f:jobs_stopped:elapsed_ms=4401,timeout_ms= 45000: info shutdown:cust_service:starting: info ss_cust_service:nothing to do for this shutdown mode:"cust_service": info ss_cust_service:completed successfully:: info upstart_f:stopping_job:job=filesystems: info filesystems_userstore:unmount_userstore: Unmounting User Store: info filesystems_var_local:unmounting font files:: info filesystems_var_local:rotate_log: Rotating Logs: info userstore:run:time=37960,action=stop: info userstore:filesystem sync done:: info userstore:found_bootup_flag:: Found BOOTUP flag file info filesystems_var_local:filesystem sync done:: info filesystems_var_local:unmount_var Local: Unmounting Var Local: info upstart_f:jobs_stopped:elapsed_ms=6050,timeout_ms= 30000: info shutdown:mounting root filesystem read-only:: info shutdown:syncing disks:: info shutdown: end:level=0,halt=1: System halted. (Obviously, you have added a serial port.) Is this device another one that you constructed from the parts of non-working devices? If so, then you would want to fix (or reverse) the cause before over-riding the protection(s).

info sytem:mounted_proc:: info system:mounted_sys:: info system:mounted_dev:: info milestone:5..1: info milestone:5..2: info milestone:5..3: info milestone:5..4: info milestone:5..5: info sytem:mounted_tmpfs:: info milestone:5.75:sy50: info system:start:time=5780: info hardware:no_wan:: Wi Fi only device.

No WAN found info system:config:platform=yoshime3,board=celeste,rev= 22,proto=Y,wifi=Y,wan=N: info milestone:5.97:sy51: lipc-send-event[546]: E lipc:con:: Connection error(Failed to connect to socket / var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory) lipc-send-event[546]: C def:dbusi:: Failed to init dbus lipc-send-event[546]: E def:open:: Failed to open LIPC lipc-send-event[546]: E def:fail:source=com.lab126.hal, event=usb Plug In: Sending event failed lipc-send-event[543]: E lipc:con:: Connection error(Failed to connect to socket / var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: No such file or directory) lipc-send-event[543]: C def:dbusi:: Failed to init dbus lipc-send-event[543]: E def:open:: Failed to open LIPC lipc-send-event[543]: E def:fail:source=com.lab126.hal, event=usb Plug In: Sending event failed info milestone:6.72:sy99: info system:done:time=6750: init.exe: Failed to spawn sshd main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory crond[590]: crond: crond (busybox 1.17.1) started, log level 8 init.exe: recevent pre-start process (593) terminated with status 1 info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mountingcramfs: Mounting compressed directories file system images: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /lib/firmware/cyttsp.mount ed: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/share/X11/xkb.mounted : info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/java/lib/fonts.mounte d: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /etc/mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/lib/locale.mounted: info system_cramfs_loopbacks:mounted: Image /usr/share/keyboard.mounte d: info system:emiting_event:mounted_cramfs_loopbacks: debug sytem:event_emitted:mounted_cramfs_loopbacks: info milestone:7.70:fs75: info system:emiting_event:loaded_modules_dependencies: debug sytem:event_emitted:loaded_modules_dependencies: info modules:modprobe:loading module g_file_storage: Welcome to Kindle!

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