Daniel chelsea dating

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He bowed out gracefully and a broken-hearted Jennifer asked him if they could remain friends.Later, Daniel got his test results back: he had Intention Tremors which may have been caused by a stroke that Daniel possibly had while asleep.* Discovered Nicole had lied about having the proof to clear Eric. He was in a car accident on New Year's Eve caused by Eric, and when he was taken off life support a few days later his heart was used to save the life of Brady Black. Daniel Jonas came to Salem March 4, 2008 when Victor Kiriakis called upon his expertise in dealing with Bo Brady's illness (pancreatic failure). Daniel performed a risky pancreatic transplant that saved Bo's life.* Attacked and tied up by Kristen who wanted another chance with Brady. * Helped daughter Melanie deal with gambling thugs when she returned to Salem. Soon, Daniel realized that Chelsea developed a crush on him, so he tried to stay away from her.* Was a Doctor/Specialist * Previously married to a patient, Rebecca Jonas, who died of cancer.* Performed a risky pancreatic transplant to save Bo Brady's life.

(They kept it from her.) * Treated Kate for lung cancer. * Was set up by Kate, who was trying to murder Chloe. * Diagnosed with Intention Tremors that prevented him from being a surgeon.

She pawned off the kid as Daniel's and once he found out, he dumped her.

Daniel eventually met Jennifer Horton and they started dating.

Kate learned of the affair and poisoned Chloe with the intention of setting Daniel up.

Kate came close but Stefano stepped in and cleaned up Kate's mess.

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