Datagridview cell validating e cancel

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I guess I could inspect the data in the Key Down event to see if there is a difference.-- Al Reid "Terry" news:78**********************************@microsof .. I am new to VB comming from VB6, but that was also the case in VB6.Does look like a bug or perhaps and Undocumented System Feature!I don't want it to be since they are exiting the screen the validation doesn't have to be done.-- Terry Terry, I guess we have a similar background.I don't do anything with the barcode data in the Key Press event.I just don't know what key code combination could direct focus to a text box control that should never receive focus since the Tab Stop property is false and there is no other code that sets focus to the textbox.

Down (Down Arrow) and some how (and I never figured this one out) the next control in the tab order, regardless of the Tab Stop property, got focus.

The thing that this approach does not allow (unless I've one again neglected the obvious) is using the escape key to trigger the form cancel.

Y Dim HWnd As Int Ptr = Window From Point(p) If HWnd = CType(Me.

I have come to the belief that the problem we are seeing with the escape key is a bug.

Cancel = True End If End If End Sub Private Sub Button1_Click(By Val sender As System.

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