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When you’re known as the “office slut” because you can’t seem to stop flirting with everyone, you won’t be promoted as easily and your career can suffer from it.You also never want to be known in that way in the first place.Once you get someone thinking of you in that context, it’s usually impossible to make them stop. You can definitely give someone a pat on the shoulder, but that’s really as far as you can take it.You may want to get flirty at work and slap a coworker on the butt lightly, but you can’t. When you get physical, you can’t really be innocent about it.Your inhibitions get lowered and you don’t think clearly.

The same applies for if you’re single but the other person isn’t.Would you feel comfortable with someone else doing those same things to your partner while at work?If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t be doing it either. Flirting at work can be completely innocent if work is the only place you ever flirt with that person.Here’s how you can continue flirting at work without ruining your job or relationship. Instead of making your flirty comments serious and extremely flirty, say them more as a joke.You know how you used to poke fun at a kid you liked when you were little?

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