Dating a fender custom shop guitar

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The AV52 uses the old 1952 method of serialisation, which means it has a serial on the bridgeplate. Thing is: if you replace the bridge, you remove the serial as well. The best place to start if you're new is right below in our "Rules" section. G&L instruments produced since mid-2010 are shipped with a Custom Build Specifications sheet which includes the date the instrument was completed.The first Fender solid body model, the Esquire, lasted (in name only) from April 1950 to October 1950 before it was replaced by the "Broadcaster", which lasted (in name only) from the October 1950 to January 1951.

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The manual for earlier models covers how to adjust the micro-tilt neck feature no longer used on 4-bolt and 6-bolt models.

From mid-1998 on, the serial numbers for guitars and basses began with “CLF”.

If you believe your G&L was made between 19, you may also reference the Chronology & Dating page.

Note that whilst the above dates are accurate, be aware that Fender was a month or two ahead in making body parts so that the date of the decal style might be slightly out of step with the guitar it was applied to.

Therefore, you can find No Casters with December 1950 neck dates, even though they didn't clip the decals and do final assembly till February 1951 (decal application was the last assembly step were always applied over the finish).

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