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The above and oh yes, that cover, I reveal the identity of the leggy lady herself: "...who's the lady, which part of Sweden did she come from? , which had all the same construction and sound, but less ornate finish.

In the metal tail version this meant a Gibson like thin bar tail rather than the Chrome Harp shape with Hagstrom logo.

A Luthier and dealers I have visited all say it is one of, if not the cleanest vintage guitars they have seen. Considering any fair price a restorer/collector may be willing to pay.

The guitar is all original, never been touched except to play. IF ANYONE KNOWS WHARE I MIGHT FIND ONE-- THANKS-RHP : : I've got one ! : Hi guitar and original case in original condition. 3 pick-up sunburst with an awesome neck that is straight & true!

With the then patented adjustable 'H' truss bar right through all the steel strung necks you could pull the action so low, you can't feel the strings pushing against the chords. Many were worried by this, but if you get the chance to try it, your fears soon disappear. Every level of spec and combination of woods all explained with stunning illustrations.

I believe there is a steel reinforced rosewood neck and an ebony fingerboard.

The frets have mother of pearl inlays and the tuning pegs are chrome with white onyx looking grips There is no name on the head. The label is a shiny red and gold oval and just says Hagstrom, I don't believe there is a model name or number.

It has rectangular pearl fret inlays instead of dots, fully bound headstock with Fleur de Lys, and a plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. From the serial number, this example is from the mid sixties.

Yet another variation came to our notice in May 2005. This model was a smaller more shaped body, yet with all the depth of the standard model. Courtesy of was marketed under the Hagstrom Western range sporting the distinctive later Hagstrom headstock shape, rectangular pearl fret inlays, thread through bridge and tailpiece, and again plain black pick-guard on a blonde body front. See more info on the Hagstrom Fans Page and a link to Gordon Giltrap's own site.

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