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She’s overcome domestic violence and what she calls a “life-changing nervous breakdown.” She says becoming a mom is really what helped her fully recover.While her blog started as just a place to share her thoughts on her own life, it’s become a source of support for mothers who appreciate Vicky’s raw honesty, positive advice, and product reviews. There are a growing number who choose single motherhood from the outset.Lately Alicia has taken up running, brought her kids to cooking classes, and shared personal relationship stories sure to tug at your heart.Being a single mom is just part of Pepper’s identity and blog.She created Rock-A-Bye Parentsas a resource for other working moms who might be looking for ways to help their lives run a little more smoothly.And if you’re even kind of considering a Disney World vacation, you should definitely check out her travel tips and pictures.Are you ready to dip your toes back into the dating pool? Do you need some help embracing your new single mother status or helping your kids adjust to their new normal?

She balances work from home and outside the home alongside her solo parenting duties.Leah Campbell is a writer and editor living in Anchorage, Alaska.She’s a single mother by choice after a serendipitous series of events led to the adoption of her daughter.And while she’s got great posts on things like dating while parenting, she also writes product reviews and advice on how to bond with your kids.This is the blog for single moms looking for a little bit of everything, including some self-help with a side of money management.

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