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Though the city is charming, Poltava is in reality not perfect from many points of view, but still those small imperfections are not worthy to complain of.Women from Poltava are able and prepared to face it, and they are very fast while speaking of the good points of their native city.Beautiful Poltava women with their relaxed an easy going smaller city attitude help to make our stay one of the most enjoyable two days on any of our exciting single tours.This is the second stop on the Kharkov, Poltava, Sumy Singles tour.The city of Poltava is the capital of Poltava region with a population of 323,600 people.

Another Poltava’s quality that makes this city differ from the other ones can be seen in the variety of women located in this city, and also there is a high level of education in it.

And it is interesting to know what is so special in meeting various Ukrainian women whom are originally from Poltava?

And of course it is interesting to know that for a lot of men this is the ideal cultural women who are able to enjoy the life’s pleasures, which for instance not every person is able to enjoy.

This was my first trip abroad and first singles tour.

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