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What is true in the case of Algeria is true elsewhere.Best manage international trade — and corruption — behind closed doors.August 22 marked six months since the beginning of the popular revolt, referred to as Hirak, against the regime, a revolt that took France, the European Union, the United States and Arab countries, including Algeria’s neighbours, by surprise.The manner the crisis has unfolded has left seasoned observers and diplomats dumbfounded all the more.

Many senior French officials convinced themselves that democracy would make Algeria more anti-French, while Russia does not want to lose a rich client such as Algeria as a major purchaser of weapons.Algerian students were in the streets already in a protest planned to coincide with the parliamentary gathering.As called for by the Algerian Constitution, Bensalah was named as interim leader for a maximum of 90 days until a new election can be organized. Members of the opposition abstained from Tuesday’s vote. Gaid Salah had pulled his support for Bouteflika last week, tipping the balance last week.Senior figures in Algerian society advised the Hirak leaders to hold back from any engagement with Gaid Salah until he comes clean with his real intentions.Foreign leaders who have a stake in Algeria are worried.

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