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If so, you can also choose to recognise that the mystery girl is doing something similar. Look here, where one of the robbers is about to shoot the guard and suddenly stops. (Jasmine 2) Now, if we back it up a few seconds, where is he looking? To call this new 2 scenes an "Update" is more, than "adventurous"! This makes Serenthia Angry, but triggers a short scene later when Brad spots her at the office.] (no) I can`t believe that I finally said something and she`s ignoring me. (required for Coffee Sampler and Still Not Friday Yet achievements) It`s been almost nine months, I should give her a key. [go to Jasmine] Serenthia Angry I`ve felt this trick before. Look at her breasts (Jasmine 1) You couldn`t see it? This is in maximum the preparing of the going on of the story ... Brad`s Erotic Week - Day 2 Office (Strip Club) Overview If Brad went to the strip club on day 1, then you will only be able to play Episode 3 if he left early. It`s a 87mb file (game is about 100mb unpacked) which will give you a 1.5.4 version of the game. So you`ll be able to see and hear everything her laptop webcam sees? Future updates after that will depend on whether or not Wolfschadowe find another two DAZ artists [he found one] to help with image rendering since, by authors admission he still need ~8.000 images to complete the game! If the footage was destroyed, what are we reviewing? You seem distracted, are you sure everything`s okay? You can then download a small patch (about 600kb) that will update the game to 1.5.5 version. Considering the five episodes released so far contain "only" ~1.500 images you can guess how much is still left to do... Okay, we also want a few days before to see if anyone is casing the place. [Do you tell Emily that Jasmine is going to spy on her? (no) She said that she`s a couple days away from it being fully functional. (Emily 1) Okay, just remember I`m here if you want to talk. Eat Dinner Give her a compliment You are beautiful, ever consider posing nude?

at this point we only had about 20% done and it will take a couple of years to complete. (Jasmine 1) She was a stereotypical nerd, meek and prim when she started. (Serenthia 1) Finish up and go Go inside Ask if she`s okay Serenthia Spotted Go down the hall for a closer look (Serenthia 1) Go back towards the bathroom Go into the bathroom Finish up and go See her out of the corner of your eye. ( 1) Hey, at least one of us will get lucky tonight.* I didn`t know that, but it makes sense.* So if I hit that spot and she has feelings for me... It`s in 5 parts (so far) so you might need to look up for it a bit more. Better if you can save the finished dates, also, if you leave for any amount of time, you lose your place and have to start all over again! ( 1) I`ll bet you can make him lose that cool by the end of the night if you really try.* I just like to see people get what they want.* Crap... @Jay Dogg69: If you open up the game available on this site you will find an option to download Episode 5 in Main Menu from Dropbox. The one that links computer and laptop webcams into the security system? But, probably worth it if I can tolerate going through it one more time1 As I already mentioned, Episode 5 was released on December 28th 2015, but Play Force One didn`t update the game here just yet, possibly due to new skin layup used with episode 5 [in fact, version on this site, which is 1.4.3 is not even the final version for Episode 4, that was 1.4.5 ]. Episode 6 will probably came out by end of March or April depending on what that update is. When/if Jasmine is added to the game as a romance option there will probably be an additional path or paths for her. There is also Day 1 mastery bonus scene Great game, excelente graphics, and interesting history. None of the posted walkthroughs shows the best paths. The one that links computer and laptop webcams into the security system? Just wish it didn`t take so long to add new content but I guess quality takes time and I`m willing to wait. Currently, places where Brad can gain points with Jasmine are noted, but his score with her is never tested. You can`t just focus on one person, it`s like an ecosystem where everything interacts. The girls are very naugthy and hot, and the sex scenes are very good. I won`t be posting walkthroughs yet as it is disrespectful to the game authors who have spent countless hours creating the game. With the last version we stopped with coming back from the bathroom ... So you`ll be able to see and hear everything her laptop webcam sees? When I use walkthrought in strip club and go to the couch and even when I do everything what is mentioned there, Natalie still wont show u pussy at some point during the dance.

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