Dating between people and dogs

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People who own cats come in second at 53%, and fish, bird, and rabbit owners round out the group.

Out of those pet owners, a pet's bad behavior ranked first on the list of pet-related deal breakers.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to loyalty.

The team over at Woodstream wanted to know exactly how owning a pet affects relationships, and they interviewed 1,000 people to find out the facts.

Every time we check what time it is, we see their adorable, loving face light up our phones and it makes us smile immediately. Everything we do, we have the responsibility and care of our dog to worry about. We spend a considerable amount of money on our dogs. Significant others have broken our hearts, best friends have let us down, but our dogs have never done either.

We like to give them special treatment, and that treatment isn’t always cheap.

According to new research, we’re all crazy for canines and many times we prefer them to our actual romantic partners.

Here’s what the study from pet wellness brand Ollie discovered about our relationship with our pets. As the title said, an insane 96% of respondents said there’s no way in hell they’d date someone who wasn’t into dogs.

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