Dating chien

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"No matter how emotional you're feeling or how vulnerable, or hurt or angry. We don't fight." Hey, that's pretty fantastic advice. "I'm a very easygoing person, I wake up happy, and my husband — he has learned how to count to ten backwards in his head," she told King.

, which is probably for the best, considering the talk has been all about her husband.According to sources who spoke to the The most surprising lineup change occurred in September 2018 (and Moonves definitely had a hand in that one.) Chen quit the show amid the cloud of his sexual assault allegations.In an emotional video message, she said she made the decision "to spend more time at home with my husband and our young son" and thanked "everyone at the show for the wonderful years together." While some took Chen's statement at face value, others suspected she left to avoid the controversy and potential hypocrisy of all things Moonves."I will ice you out." At that point, King just shook his head. Chen seemed like the obvious choice to host the celeb spin-off.However, since the new iteration had a significantly shorter television season than its counterpart, Moonves mandated that Chen's compensation be significantly less as well. "And I said, 'Is that the way you speak to your wife?

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