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The hourly pay rate at Popeye’s ranges, on average, from .29 to .33 an hour depending on state minimum wage.

With all the free online hype that Black Twitter has given this sandwich, Popeye’s has received about Million in free press.

Obviously, the chicken chain has benefitted financially from this exchange but has made no move to compensate the workers who are making it possible.

The unfair division of work and profit is very obvious and is nothing to joke about.

“A lady called Nileny Dippton came over to me and asked, ‘Are you a model? ’ I was so late for class, I had to rush off, but Nileny gave me her business card and I got in touch,” Morillo told Dazed and Confused.

After sending in a few polaroids to IMG Models’ associate director of scouting, Luis Domingo, Morillo was on a plane to Milan for her first show.

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As her tweet suggests, this worker likely spends a whole 8-hour shift on her feet without the benefits of vacation time or even a livable wage.“Hoy quiero dar gracias a Dios una vez más, ver mi rostro en la portada de Vogue, es como seguir creyendo en los cuentos de hadas,” Cristal wrote.“Vengo de una familia muy humilde en mi país, mi madre nos educó vendiendo habichuelas blanditas en nuestro barrio de la Toronja, hoy quiero que todos los jóvenes Dominicanos no dejen de soñar y que sepan que todo se puede conseguir con Fe y mucho trabajo.” Siempre unidas y con un sentido de solidaridad que se conjuga con la fortaleza de las tonalidades neutras (como el blanco, el negro y los colores térreos) y se encarna en la belleza de cuatro modelos de República Dominicana que ponen el acento de calidez (y sonrisas) en las pasarelas.The instinct to dehumanize her pain and turn it into a mock-able Internet moment is a grossly inappropriate one and it shows the lack of sensitivity that people have towards service workers and the suffering of Black women in particular.The exhausted female worker meme came into being around the same time as Black Women’s Equal Pay Day — a day when we reflect on the wide wage gap that Black women face.

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