Dating iceland men

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But come on, I know you are here for more than travel inspiration.

Icelandic women are stunning, hands-down, even though they pretty much live in the middle of a beautiful nowhere.

Reputation and ‘being the good girl’ are a concern for Icelandic women. It would be a bit of an overstatement to say that girls don’t get slut-shamed, though. She probably runs into ex-boyfriends or lovers on a daily basis.

But if the one-night stand is your thing, your foreigner status is, in fact, an advantage.

In fact, you can approach meeting Icelandic women as you would networking at a professional event.

In normal circumstances, this would have been a bit weird.Privacy is always a good thing when it comes to casual sex.As a tourist, yes, you might not have the appeal of speaking her language or knowing her culture (which are mostly boyfriend requirements, by the way), but you definitely get extra points for the ‘anonymity’.From a very young age, these girls have been raised to believe they are strong, independent, and that they deserve to have power in the community.Icelandic women can come across as a bit too full of themselves, especially to foreigners.

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