Dating in a open marriage

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I have a standing date with my boyfriend, A., for Saturday evenings.

Toward the end of each month, we sit down with our calendars (Google for A., an old school planner for me), and we schedule our dates for the upcoming month.

The amount of money we spend on our other relationships has never been an issue, probably because neither of us spends all that much.

My husband and his FWB go out for dinner a couple of times a month and alternate who pays.

I’ve always made significantly less money than him, although in the past there hasn’t been such a dramatic discrepancy — previously, I earned about ,000 (£39,700).They’ve been together for six years, and their relationship has been open since the birth of their son four years ago. I knew an open relationship was his preference, but we kept ours closed, and I never felt pressured. While breastfeeding an infant, I didn’t want to be responsible for my partner’s sexual needs.I was more than happy to open our relationship, and I was able to separate the emotion from his physical need.without a place to stay and thwarting my husband’s plans to host his FWB at our place.I’m typically a frugal person, but in this particular instance I was frustrated enough to throw money at the problem, and I booked a hotel room so A. (Granted, I used hotel loyalty points from business travel, so I only had to pay £29.78.) In our two-year relationship, this was the first time A. My husband and I have joint finances, so the idea of using our money to pay for a hotel room with my boyfriend may raise some eyebrows — especially considering that I took a drastic pay cut when I quit my day job in the legal industry and made my side gig as a freelance writer into a full-time career.

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