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And you’re not trying to ‘provoke’ them, either, just reaching out to connect with the spirits; if they’re pissed off, they’ll let you know! I can’t say for certain that I believe in the existence is spirits, but I can’t rule them out either.

Your program is compelling because of the interactions between you and Adam as much as for the evidence you gather.

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It never made any sense to me to look for ‘shadow figures’ in the dark, when you can’t see your hand in front of your face!!! Hi Amy; I think I’ve seen every episode of both seasons.I loved Ghost Hunters and Adam and Amy were two favorites on the show. Travel Channel is better with the paranormal and Kindred Spirits!I say the show today and am thrilled you are on again, or not? I always either watch or record your shows whenever or wherever they pop up on my schedule – I don’t mind ‘reruns’ as I always see/hear something I missed the first ( second, third ‍♀️ ) time I watched.I hope for the best and congrats to you moving to a good television network. I have seen every one of your show’s episodes more than once. I was upset when it moved from tlc to destination because I dont get that channel.. I think since I’ve seen the episodes so many times when a marathon is running or something I’ll just leave the TV on and go about my day. (My husband watches them all the time) However, I LOVE watching your show.Best of luck, Alston Thank you SO much for letting us know! I still watch every time because I realize I missed something from the last time I watched. I am so happy that it is airing on the travel channel..i re watch every episode.. It’s not that I don’t want to see them, I’ve literally seen each episode MANY MANY TIMES. It is not filled with the whole “scare factor.” Your show is about actually helping people.

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