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Get your tickets here comes the news of Xaver's next journey to Europe for a slew of festivals and headlien performances.‘Live In The Netherlands’ is a recording of the final show on their most recent European tour capturing the magic of those performances.Delivering material new and old, these shows are not to be missed.Xavier will be kicking off the tour in California this May and finishing up in Portugal this October.Coming of the back off touring with Ball Park Music, young indie pop rocker SAHARA BECK will kick off proceedings for what is sure to be an atmospheric evening. Featuring guitar, bass, drums, percussion, keys, horns, flute, saxophone and backing vocals, the appropriately titled Xavier Rudd & The United Nations bands together musicians from all corners of the globe representing the diverse cultures of Australia, Indigenous Australia, South Africa, Samoa, Germany and Papua New Guinea.Wanderlust has once again partnered with Sunshine Coast Council and Tourism Events Queensland to bring together a remarkable group of yoga and meditation instructors, musical performers, speakers, artists and chefs for a transformational retreat in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring natural resorts. The band is symbolic of the message that all people of the world can come together and return to spirit, respect the ancient ways, and protect the Earth and the very essence of creation.The tour in Europe was sold out and pumping and Bobby, Ant and I were really on top of our game.

Australian Tour dates go on sale Friday 20th April. Xavier has also been announced to headline the inaugural Reverb Festival, in Perth this April.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW BY NIK SIMON: Rewind four years and Ruaridh Mc Connochie was playing social rugby in the 'Beer Cup' with a group of friends from university.

They arrived in Bournemouth with cheap plastic tents and a bag of jerseys - as well as ponchos, sombreros and tequila for a Mexican-themed social.

He will be returning with his euphoric new single “Walk Away”, his first new material since 2015.

Poignant and uplifting “Walk Away” is one of Xavier’s most powerful songs to date – seamlessly weaving philosophy and music.

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