Dating non christians in the bible dating customs in te philippines

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Unfortunately, our society has twisted the meaning of dating and the purpose behind it.If we want to strive to follow God’s plan for dating, can we date a non-Christian?My parents raised me with the mindset of only dating and marrying someone who is a Christian.That is kind of hard when you go to school with three other Christians out of 1500 people.I thank God that I got out of that relationship, because that could have been me.

The bible does not specifically speak of dating, but it does speak of relationships.

We tell ourselves, “I can change him,” “He has so much potential,” “He is a good moral guy.” We spend so much time trying to change the person that we lose ourselves.

It breaks my heart, but this same guy ended up later dating my friend, and she is no longer a Christian.

A good way to think about our relationships and priorities is that when we seek God, everything else will follow. The beginning of the verse even says, “Do not be deceived”.

Therefore, looking at this verse, wouldn’t the unbeliever qualify as bad company?

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