Dating omaga watch

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It was always meant to the the Speedmaster of dive watch – which means it by design is more about function and utility than purely form and style.

The question for me in regard to this 2018 and later Seamaster 300M is if it retains this character? Omega has remade the original 300M watch with the exact same sensibilities as the 1993 model as though it came out today.

Water resistant to 300 meters, the case is about 12mm thick and has a roughly 50mm lug-to-lug distance.

Wearing comfort is high, but it is a heavy and chunky watch – especially when paired with the metal bracelet.

The ironic result is that because this dial picks up light and reflects it, it ends up being more legible.

Updated Omega Seamaster 300M watches from several years ago did not include waves on the dials, offering a fresh look that did well in the market.

That means that Omega made a better vintage watch as opposed to making a better dive watch for today’s professional divers…

that is still an “Omega.” If you’ve always like the original Seamaster 300M and want a refreshed experience with it – then this timepiece will easily satisfy you.

Now about 25 years later I think many people will agree that the distinctive hand set along with hour markers continues to help the Seamaster 300M stand apart from the competition.

The watch also has pricing on its side if judged alongside the Rolex Submariner.

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