Dating opposites attract

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We can either process information with our senses (using objective logic)—can you say, “my husband?

Within these two categories there are two opposite ways of functioning and relating to the world.

It is also stated in the research that when strangers hit it off, it is usually due to their similarities and not differences.

I believe it is alright to be with someone who has different interests than you, as long as you guys share the same values and beliefs in the core.

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but you may not want to open the closet doors for fear of causing an avalanche of who-knows-what on your head.The saying “opposites attract” is not only popular in English, but also popular in many other languages.In Turkish, we say that opposite poles attract each other like magnets. I enlisted my husband’s help about an hour before they arrived asking, “Would you mind finishing up the kitchen? I’ll admit, I can whip a house into shape very quickly … Walk it backwards to the south east corner.” “The south wha? ” “Just walk it 70 degrees caddy corner to the table. One night we were expecting out of town guests for the weekend and the house was a wreck. So, after an hour of frantically cleaning bedrooms, scouring bathrooms, changing sheets in the guest room, vacuuming and pulling myself together, I was horrified to walk into the kitchen and realize it was messier than when I’d seen it last. On the bright side, my husband has an amazing attention to detail—something I totally lack.

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