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Aiden then raised his gun to shoot him, but the magazine was empty.

Vega then attempted to attack Aiden, who subdued him with his baton.

After resting at his motel hideout, Aiden went over to Nicole's house for Jackson's birthday.

The exchange was relatively amicable, but then Aiden noticed Nicole acting distressed on her phone and hacked it, overhearing someone threatening to break into her house.

At some point, Aiden visited her grave alongside Nicole who encouraged him not to pursue revenge as it would only cause more danger.

He then meets with his associate, Jordi Chin, who confesses that he purposely emptied Aiden's magazine and had called the police to cover up the deaths of several Black Viceroys.

Aiden then leaves Jordi to take Vega to a secure location while he escapes the stadium.

He has also shown himself to be quite athletic, capable of performing parkour to escape the police and sprinting with speed and agility.

His physical strength is also demonstrated when chasing down criminals and silencing them with his telescopic baton.

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