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Treating other conditions, such as diabetes or depression, might also alleviate symptoms of sexual dysfunction. Talk with your partner about your problem, and see a therapist together if you can. Many people experience sexual dysfunction and there are ways to get help.

Your GP can refer you to a therapist, or you can see one privately.

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Many women have problems with sex at some stage in their life.

Here's a look at some forms of female sexual dysfunction (FSD) and advice on where to get help if it affects you.

According to the Sexual Advice Association, sexual problems affect around one-third of young and middle-aged women, and around half of older women.

On appearance, they can be white or red in color depending if they are infected or not.

A woman will gradually use larger sizes until the largest size can be inserted comfortably.

Some women may wish to try using their fingers instead.

Read about good sex tips to find out how to learn what you like and what works for you.

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